est. 1963


This chapel, the place of worship for the Belleville Presbyterian Church, was the one originally built for Camp Legion Unit at Willow Run, MI during the 1930's by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford in perpetual tribute to their mothers, Mary and Martha. In the 1940's, Ford sold the chapel to Kaiser-Frasier, who sold it to General Motors in the early 1950's.  GM used the building to store office files. 

Then it was sold to Cherry Hill Baptist Church and when they outgrew the little chapel, they sold the chapel to us, Belleville Presbyterian Church for one dollar ($1) in July 1978.  It required months of research and diligent planning on the part of the congregation to restore the chapel to its present site, the first worship was held with much joy and thanksgiving on July 15, 1979. 


The chapel was officially dedicated on November 11, 1979.  The Martha-Mary Chapel now stands a few short miles from where it was originally constructed and on the property that (coincidentally) once belonged to the Ford family.  Of the seven chapels, this is the only one currently in use as a regular place of worship and the only one, outside of the Greenfield Village Chapel, that still has their original pews and furnishings.

We, at Belleville Presbyterian Church, take great pride in our pretty white chapel and we invite you to enjoy it with us each Sunday morning at 10 AM. This perfect-picturesque venue is available for weddings. For rental information please see our brochure included in this website, or call the church office for available dates at



Yoga Stretches

Weekly Yoga Class

Monday at 6:00pm with one of our church members, Cheryl Sherman​​


Gardening and Grounds Beautification

We continue to work on our beautiful gardens that surround our campus. This is an ongoing project and appreciate all the "garden angels" who continue to work so hard.