Here at Belleville Presbyterian...

Musical duo Rachel Sparling and Rachel Neve, sharing their musical gifts with a special song!

Ordination and Installation


Let your Light Shine

Mother and son duo, Marlene and Eric Schafer presented the children's message on October 27.  No matter what you have inside you, God will find a way to shine His light through you!

Old Fashioned Christmas

Our annual Old Fashioned Christmas service was held Friday evening December 6 at our beautiful Martha -Mary Chapel.  This program was led by Worship & Music Elder Marlene Schafer and Yeonsol Lee, pianist at BPC.  This program mimics the programs from years gone when worship was full of Christmas hymns, songs and scripture readings.  It is set in a beautifully adorned Christmas setting.  Please join us next year!

Holy Baptism September 29, 2019

Celebrated Holy Baptism with this sweet little girl of God.  May He hold her in His arms forever.

Facepaint Fun

Nursery Activities

 On Sunday September 22nd, the children learned about Father Abraham today.  They had fun making their beards.


Ordination and Installation of Officers

On Sunday, June 2, Rev. Ken Kaibel installed and ordained members of our church to our session and deacon boards.

Welcome Andrea Macek, Dar Reed, Cheryl Sherman and Helen Wylie.

Our Veterans 

We thank our veterans of Belleville Presbyterian Church.  Thank you Sonny LaPensee, Bill Paris, Rev. Ken Kaibel, Don Sherman, Sandy Provan and Larry Albright.  Your bravery and love for this country is appreciated. 

Grey Theme Objects

Our Recent Confirmation Students

On April 21, our Young Disciples (John and Jacob Buchanan, Travis Campbell and Nathan Macek) became members of Belleville Presbyterian Church by completing a 12 week-90 minute course of study in preparation for confirmation.  They declared their faith and love to Jesus Christ, their families and congregation, to complete the transition into membership.  We are so proud of these four boys.  They have become perfect examples of true Christian young men who we are proud to call ours!

Heart Shape

Peanut Butter Drive

This year, Belleville Presbyterian's Young Disciples Mission Project is holding a fund raiser to collect 16-18 oz. Jars of peanut butter to help supplement the Trinity Episcopal Church's Back-Pack Program which provides food for our area school children.  The goal is 170 jars by May 5, 2019.  All donations are welcome - monetary or jars of peanut butter. We are almost there!


Our 2019 Baptism

On April 21, Easter Sunday, we celebrated with Travis Campbell as he was baptized and received into the Belleville Presbyterian Church membership.  We watched Travis as he grew in his faith and opened his heart to our Lord and Savior.  We, as his church family, are proud and happy for this young man. Welcome Travis!

Yeonsol on Banner

January 06, 2019, Our beautiful YeonSol Lee, pianist at Belleville Presbyterian Church, is being featured this semester, along with all foreign exchange students of Eastern University, throughout the campus streets, with flags featuring their pictures and country of origin.  We are so proud of YeonSol Lee!  Take a ride around Ypsilanti and take a "look-see"


Merry Christmas!

Belleville Presbyterian Church's Annual Old Fashioned Christmas was scheduled for Friday, December 7, 2018 at 7:00 PM right here in our beautiful Martha-Mary Chapel. The theme of this year's presentation was Carrying a Miracle: The Donkey's Tale written by Sister Erin LIght. It was narrated by Isaac Salinas and music presentations were by Kylee Hinken, Grace Ziegenfelder, Mallory Wayt, Jill Sanders and YeonSol Lee - all Eastern Michigan music students.